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10 Most Popular Tattoo Styles

Getting inked is a very personal experience that allows people to express themselves through artistic means. People get tattoos for all kinds of reasons; some to honor a loved one who passed and some to simply have a good time. Whatever your reason is, getting inked is always a good idea in our book.

Whether you are looking to get your first ink or need inspiration for your fifth one, our list of the top tattoo styles will help you find your perfect match.

1. Japanese

Traditional Japanese art is one of the most popular tattoo designs worldwide. Its unique art style and vibrant pops of color make it truly attractive.

2. Watercolor

It’s not only the tattoo recipients who love watercolor tattoos, tattoo artists love them too because of how fun and challenging they are to create.

3. Minimalist

Most first-timers go for a minimalist tattoo design to see how they handle the inking process. Minimalist tattoos make great fashion statements too.

4. Calligraphy

A favorite quote, word, or mantra is a popular choice among tattoo lovers to get inked on their skin. Words hold powerful meanings.

5. Blackwork

This tattoo style uses only black ink to completely cover a body part or trace lines along with it. The bold statements it gives off make it very interesting and unique.

6. Tribal

Tribal designs are perfect for full-sleeve or whole-leg tattoos. They offer great aesthetic value and some symbolism too, depending on the design.

7. Abstract

Abstract tattoos are ideal for people who have an eye for abstract art or want tattoo pieces that have deeper personal meanings.

8. Realism

This tattoo style makes it look like real photos of loved ones or icons are printed right on your skin. It’s a great tattoo for paying tribute to someone you look up to.

9. Floral

Flowers hold all kinds of symbols making them among the most popular choices for tattoos. They come in all sizes, shapes, and colors.

10. Dotwork

This intricate tattoo style takes a lot of time to complete but the result is always worth it. It uses hundreds, maybe even thousands, of dots to create a design.

Choosing the right tattoo style for you can be overwhelming knowing that tattoos last forever on your skin. But with our top ten most popular tattoo styles, we’re sure you can settle on the perfect design in no time.



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