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5 Things You Must Know Before Getting a Tattoo

Stoke Lucero in a tattoo session

You have to be determined that you want to have that first tattoo on your body. Remember that your tattoo will be with you for the rest of your life and you don’t want to be unhappy making a personal decision afterwards. Also, you would want to be certain that you are properly guided in your decision to have your skin inked.

These are the most important considerations when looking at having your first tattoo:

1. Meaning

The meaning of the image, more than anything else, will be the best justification for having the tattoo on your body. Other factors such as the pain, the cost, the look, the time, and everything else will be meaningless if you don't consider why you must have the tattoo on your skin.

2. Cost

Cost of tattooing is dependent on the size of the tattoo, intricacy of the details, time to finish the work, and the experience of the artist. If you find the cost for your design beyond your budget, it’s always better to wait and save up for the tattoo you really want, otherwise, the tattoo may have to be scaled down and make you disappointed with the result.

3. Pain

Even though people have different pain tolerances, tattooing does hurt even if you have your skin numbed a little bit. Areas that hurt the most are those over bones and less muscles and fats. The bigger the tattoo, the more pain you’ll experience.

4. Permanence

Tattoos are permanent and become part of your skin. If they’re out in the open, they have a big impact on the way other people look at you. Although there is a method to remove them, they’re not worth it. Having the tattoo lasered is a worse experience than having them put in the first place.

5. Artist’s Experience

The tattoo artist you want to work with should understand your needs and sit well with you. Research on your artist’s experience, training, artistic talent, and attitude.

Make sure you’ve considered these important aspects before you make the crucial decision to have your first tattoo.


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