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Should You Get a Tattoo?

In the past, tattooing has always been associated with either being a symbol of criminality or rankings in certain social statuses. Today it has taken on new different meanings and has some serious implications. Take a look at the top pros and cons of having a tattoo before you make that decision to get tattooed.

The Benefits of Getting a Tattoo

Contrary to popular opinion, getting tattoo is not all bad. In fact, there are many advantages of getting one, which include the following.

A tattoo is a form of self-expression.

A tattoo says something about you. It works as an artistic expression of yourself.

Tattoos are your own work of art and life story.

Whatever the individual meanings behind your tattoos, they reflect on who you are as a person. They are a way to have your personal custom piece of art on your body.

Tattoos can introduce you to a whole new community.

While tattoos may limit your job opportunities, there is an amazing community behind the tattoo scene that supports one another you can bank on.

Modern tattoos will look amazing with years.

Except for the fact that your tattoos will be needing some touching up over the years, there is no basis for the assumption that your tattoos look bad as you age.

Tattoos can stay with you forever.

Tattoos with the right meanings, done by the right artist, and given the right care they need will let you have an incredible piece of artwork for the rest of your life.

The Disadvantages of Getting Inked

While getting a tattoo can boost your self identity and confidence, it may lead to some negative physical effects, which include the following.

A tattoo could potentially affect your career path.

Society is getting more open to tattoos, however, there is still a taboo with body art that may affect your job. Most white-collar office jobs are likely to reject someone with visible face and hand tattoos even if the candidate is qualified.

A tattoo can put your body on display to others.

Your tattoo when displayed to the rest of the world becomes almost a public property people talk and ask you about.

Your tattoos age with you.

People think that your tattoo will change and look less attractive as you age.

There is a risk in tattooing. Health and quality are the two main considerations for not going for a cheap tattoo. Choosing a fly-by-night tattoo artist does not guarantee that your tattoo is done in a hygienic fashion and up to safety standards.

Weigh the pros and cons of having a tattoo before you finally make a decision to have your body inked. You would have the confidence that you made the right decision.


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