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Most Painful Areas to Get a Tattoo On

Do tattoos hurt? For most people, the short answer is yes. However, this question remains to be a complex one because several factors affect the pain levels of those who get it including the area where you’ll be getting inked.

The following body parts hurt the most when getting tattooed on.

1. Ribcage. The skin around the ribcage is very thin and has minimal fat to cushion the area from the tattoo needle.

2. Ankles and Shins. Like the ribcage, the ankles and shins lie under thin layers of skin. Their pain level is at par with that of tattoos on the ribcage.

3. Breasts. The nipples and breasts are among the most sensitive parts of the body. Getting a tattoo on them can cause severe pain that may be unbearable for some.

4. Elbows and Kneecaps. Tattoos done over bones can cause immense pain. You can expect tattoos around the knees and elbows to be very painful indeed.

5. Hips. The vibrations sent by the tattoo needles to your hip bones can cause severe pain. People who have more fat around their hips may experience less pain.

6. Neck and Spine. The neck and spine areas are very sensitive so it’s not surprising that they are among the most painful areas to get tattooed on.

7. Face. The face doesn’t have a lot of fat to cushion the tattoo needle plus it has many nerve endings that may be irritated by the tattooing process.

8. Lips. The skin on your lips is loose with lots of nerve endings that will surely cause severe pain and even bleeding, swelling, and bruising when tattooed on.

9. Stomach. Getting tattooed on the stomach can be very painful. People who have tighter skin on the area, however, may experience less pain than those with loose stomach skin.

10. Fingers and Toes. These areas have numerous nerve endings that may trigger pain when hit with the tattoo needle.

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Sex, age, weight, and experience are all factors that affect the pain levels a person feels during a tattoo too. Tattoos are no doubt painful but temporary pain is a small price to pay for a lifetime of beautiful art on your skin. We hope our list has helped you get ready for your next ink session.


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